My Current Dobro (Feb 2015)

My current Dobro tuning is (low to high): C F A C E G A C E G [extended C6 tuning]
I sometimes re-tune the F string down to E or up to F#. The F lowered to E gives me a major third interval with the root on the lowest C-string

Other than being a 10-string it is an unremarkable Dobro. I say this not because it lacks tone, but because it lacks cosmetic features like fancy grade woods and inlays,

I am the guitars 3rd owner. The original owner Sonny Garish purchased it new around 1983 or 1984.
At some point Sonny had installed a pickup so it has a 1/4" jack installed adjacent to the strap-pin.

This guitar has a few OEM peculiarities:
  • The cover plate does not cover the saddle
  • The saddle is shifted to be adjacent to the screw through the center of the spider bridge. It uses a 1-piece saddle
  • The doubled dot inlays in the fingerboard are at frets 15 & 19, but not at fret 12 (this is peculiar to many Dobro's)
  • The tailpiece is a 12-string guitar tailpiece which I had to machine to accommodate the larger gauge of my lowest string

The following close-up picture shows:
  • The 1-piece saddle
  • The forward-shifted saddle on the spider (adjacent to the screw)
  • The cover plate does not cover the saddle

Click on the picture to see it full sized.
I seldom use a capo (that is what the bar is for) but sometimes it is nice to incorporate open strings and then a Capo is essential. I am currently using a custom made Charlies Slide Pro Capo which was made in North Carolina. .
Click on the picture to see it full sized.
These capo's are pretty easy to use, and the realize great tone. Charlies Web Site is: HERE.
Some other players 10-string tunings:
Pete Grant D9 tuning

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